FAQ for VCG Construction

Vince and Katherine Emery smiling in SKILSAW booth at the World of Concrete 2020, showcasing tool industry camaraderie

Q: Are you VCG Construction from YouTube?

A: Yes we're the same VCG Construction from YouTube, thanks for watching and make sure to get subscribed!


Q: Is this the Official merch store for VCG Construction?

A: Yes, This is the only place to get Official VCG Construction and Very Cool Gang Merchandise!


Q: I have a question about tools, can you help me?

A: Sure, the best way to get answers on tools is to comment on our blog posts or on YouTube, Vince and the VeryCoolGang Community love helping!


Q:I wanted to hire VCG Construction for a construction project, how do I do that?

A: Go here to Get An Estimate and tell us a little about your project so we can get the process started!

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