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Welcome to the VCG Construction Merchandise Store, where style meets durability in our exclusive Hat Category! Elevate your construction gear with our premium collection of headwear designed for the true builders and trendsetters. Check out our top picks:
  1. DeGANG GUARANTEED COOL Trucker Mesh Cap: Unleash your inner cool with the DeGANG GUARANTEED COOL Trucker Mesh Cap. This cap not only provides the ultimate comfort with its breathable mesh back but also exudes style with its sleek design. The "DeGANG GUARANTEED COOL" logo boldly embroidered on the front is a statement in itself, letting everyone know that you're not just building structures, but you're building your style too. Constructed for both function and flair, this cap is a must-have for those who demand the best in every aspect of their work and fashion.

  2. VCG Construction 2 Tone Premium Snap Back: The VCG Construction 2 Tone Premium Snap Back is a modern classic, blending urban style with the ruggedness of the construction world. The two-tone design adds a touch of sophistication, while the premium snap-back closure ensures a customized fit for all-day comfort on the job site or off. With the iconic VCG Construction logo proudly displayed, this cap is a symbol of your commitment to excellence. Elevate your headwear game with this premium snap-back cap that's as versatile as it is stylish.

  3. VERYCOOLGANG Thunderbolt Trucker Mesh Cap: Make a bold statement with the VERYCOOLGANG Thunderbolt Trucker Mesh Cap. This cap not only boasts a striking design featuring the electrifying Thunderbolt logo but also offers superior breathability with its mesh back. The adjustable snap-back closure ensures a secure fit, making it the perfect companion for any construction enthusiast. Whether you're on-site, in the workshop, or out on the town, this cap is guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversations. Join the VERYCOOLGANG and showcase your passion for construction in style.

Upgrade your construction gear and represent the VCG lifestyle with these must-have hats. Our Hat Category is the epitome of comfort, style, and durability—because at VCG Construction, we build more than structures; we build a lifestyle. Grab your favorites now and wear your commitment on your head!
Vince and James in red VeryCoolGang shirts at Ohio Power Tool event, promoting limited-edition Thunderbolt T-shirt available at VCG store.
Q: How can I purchase merchandise featured in your videos?
A: VCG Construction merch we wear in videos is usually featured on the “YouTube Merch Shelf” under the video, But you can always find our full line of Merch here!
Q: What types of products do you offer?
A: We offer custom VCG Construction T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, and socks
Q: Is the merchandise related to specific videos or your channel in general?
A: Our merchandise represents our channel as a whole but we will do sprint runs that are released in coordination with Videos or Milestones on YouTube! One example would be the April 1st announcement of a brand new tool brand, we made a specific T-shirt to commemorate the occasion.
Q: Can I suggest designs for future merchandise?
A: We get the best suggestions for new VCG Construction Merchandise from the comments section on YouTube, put your suggestions there!
Q: How often do you release new merchandise?
A: We launch new VCG Construction merchandise frequently so get subscribed, and never miss a “Sprint Run” merch release ever again!
Q: What sizes are available for apparel items?
A: Most T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies have sizes available from small all the way up to 3XL during initial release. Sizes and quantities are limited, and inventory won’t be re-stocked for “Sprint-runs”, sizes can become limited.
Q: Can I return or exchange my merchandise?
A: Unworn merch can usually be exchanged within 30 days, Read our full refund policy for all the details.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Presently we DO NOT ship internationally, We apologize to our fans outside of the USA
Q: Are there any exclusive perks for subscribers or members?
A: You check out all the perks available for being a Channel Member to VCG Construction on YouTube, but the short answer is Members get discount on Merch. You might want to be a channel member before placing a Merch order!
Q: How can I track my order?
A: Tracking will emailed to you after we ship out your order.
Q: Are there any upcoming collaborations or special editions?
A: Get subscribed and enable all notifications on YouTube to be informed about potential collaborations with other creators or any limited edition releases.
Q: Can I feature your merchandise in my own content?
A: If you buy VCG Construction Merchandise, you own it, feel free to feature it in your own content!
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: VCG Construction Merch store accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay .
Q: How can I contact support for merch-related inquiries?
A: For fastest response email us at

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