Who Makes FLEX power TOOLS?

Who Makes FLEX power TOOLS, is the question we answer in this video!

Flex's introduction into the U.S. market with its 24-volt line of contractor-grade tools marks the latest chapter in the company's storied history. Flex has a rich heritage dating back to its founding, where it established itself as an innovator and a pioneer in the power tool industry.

Flex: A Legacy of Innovation

Flex Tools has been synonymous with cutting-edge development since its inception. Known for creating the first angle grinder in 1954, Flex has a longstanding reputation for designing tools that cater to the needs of professionals. Their commitment to innovation has led to a series of industry firsts, cementing their status as leaders in the power tool domain.

The Flex Face-Off: A New Era in the U.S.

The Flex Face-Off event in April 2021 was a culmination of years of expertise and a testament to Flex's dedication to quality and performance. This launch was not a mere introduction of new products; it was a strategic move to showcase the culmination of Flex's historical dedication to excellence in a new, competitive market.

The Social Media Frenzy and Flex's Approach

The event ignited a frenzy on social media, with tool testers and enthusiasts eagerly showcasing the capabilities of the new 24-volt line. This modern approach to marketing reflects Flex's understanding of today's digital landscape, where genuine user experiences can make a significant impact on a brand's reputation and reach.

The 24-Volt Line-Up: A Continuation of Flex's Commitment

The 24-volt range is a continuation of Flex's commitment to providing professional-grade tools. Each product in this lineup is infused with the spirit of innovation that has been Flex's hallmark. The range embodies the company's history of creating robust, reliable, and high-performance tools designed to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Battery and Charging Innovations: Flex's Modern Edge

Flex's Stacked Lithium battery system and their rapid charging solutions are the latest in a long line of innovations. These advances are built upon Flex's historical foundation of pioneering new technologies, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and productivity for their users.

The Market Response and Flex's Historical Impact

The positive market response to Flex's entry into the U.S. echoes the brand's historical impact on the power tool industry. Flex's ability to consistently innovate and adapt has been a cornerstone of their global success and is evident in the user comparisons and reviews that have flooded the internet since the Flex Face-Off event.


Flex's rich history and its bold foray into the U.S. market with the 24-volt series is a powerful combination of tradition and innovation. With their historical roots as a beacon of pioneering design and their eyes set firmly on the future, Flex Tools is poised to continue its legacy of excellence. The Flex Face-Off event is not just a milestone for the company; it's a signal to the industry that Flex is dedicated to leading the charge in power tool innovation, now and in the years to come.

For professionals who value a tool's heritage as much as its horsepower, Flex offers a line-up that's built on decades of ingenuity and driven by a commitment to future innovation. The Flex 24-volt series is more than just a new set of tools; it's the latest landmark in a history defined by power, performance, and progress.


Q: What are FLEX Power Tools known for?

A: FLEX Power Tools are renowned for their high-quality and innovative design, providing professionals and DIY enthusiasts with reliable and efficient tools for various applications.

Q: Where can I purchase FLEX Power Tools?

A: FLEX Power Tools are available through authorized dealers, online retailers, and at select hardware stores. You can also visit the official FLEX website to find a list of authorized distributors.

Q: Are FLEX Power Tools suitable for professional use?

A: Yes, FLEX Power Tools are commonly used by professionals in the construction, woodworking, and automotive industries due to their durability and performance.

Q: Do FLEX Power Tools come with a warranty?

A: Yes, FLEX Power Tools typically come with a manufacturer's warranty. The specific warranty terms may vary depending on the tool and the region, so it's essential to check the warranty information for the particular tool you're interested in.

Q: What types of FLEX Power Tools are available?

A: FLEX offers a wide range of power tools, including angle grinders, rotary polishers, sanders, drills, and more. They cater to various tasks and industries, ensuring there's a suitable tool for your needs.

Q: Are FLEX Power Tools suitable for beginners?

A: While FLEX Power Tools are known for their professional-grade performance, they offer user-friendly options suitable for beginners as well. Look for models with features designed for ease of use if you're just starting.

Q: How do I maintain my FLEX Power Tools?

A: Proper maintenance is essential for extending the life of your FLEX Power Tools. Regularly clean and lubricate them, store them in a dry place, and follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines outlined in the user manual.

Q: Are replacement parts and accessories readily available for FLEX Power Tools?

A: Yes, replacement parts and accessories for FLEX Power Tools are typically available through authorized dealers and online retailers. Be sure to use genuine FLEX parts for optimal performance and safety.

Q: Are FLEX Power Tools suitable for heavy-duty applications?

A: Yes, FLEX Power Tools are designed to handle heavy-duty applications. They are often chosen for demanding tasks in construction, metalworking, and other industries due to their robust construction and power.

Q: Are there any safety tips for using FLEX Power Tools?

A: Safety is paramount when using any power tool. Always wear appropriate protective gear, follow the tool's user manual, keep your workspace well-ventilated, and be mindful of safety instructions to prevent accidents.

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