This Home Renovation Unravels!

VCG Construction discovers structural damage causing the entire house makeover to unravel!

This Renovation unravels when the house transformation team of VCG Construction discover major structural damage that threatens the entire house makeover! After demolishing walls, they find severe rot, mold, and water damage throughout the house - far worse than anyone expected. The surprised homeowners want to preserve the original structure but the framer insists it should all be torn down.

The framer wonders if they were misled about the home's condition!

In this dramatic episode of Construction Reality TV tensions run high as they debate how to move forward: stay on budget or bring in more workers to fix the crumbling structure? The framer wonders if they were misled about the home's condition. With problems in almost every wall, can the renovation still meet the timeline and budget? Stay tuned for a tense showdown over how to rescue this nightmarish construction renovation project!

Watch Construction Reality TV - E1 "Demolition Disaster" to get caught up

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