New Stack Pack Boxes You Wanted From Flex Tools!

Flex Promises More Modularity in Wave Two of Stack Pack!

New Stack Pack Boxes You Wanted from Flex tools makes their modular tool storage system seriously better! This wave two release from Flex just happened September 25th 2023 and includes new boxes and accessories below!

Contractors, plumbers, electricians,HVAC Techs, and  Carpenters asked for more modularity!

You asked for these as a contractor, plumber, electrician, HVAC Tech, Carpenter, even Do it yourselfers wanting to get more organized on the jobsite and in the workshop. This modular tool storage system will make you more productive, helping you accomplish your work faster, knowing exactly where all your cordless tools, fasteners, and accessories are at.

  • Crate box FS1104
  • 3-Drawer Box FS1106
  • Cabinet Box FS1107
  • Deep Organizer FS1303 1
  • 6 inch soft tote FS1201
  • Hand Tool Pouch FS1202
  • Worktop FS1401 Dolly FS1701
  • Folding rack shelf FS1502
  • Mounting Kit 10pc FSM1501-10
  • Wall-Mount Rack rail 2pk FS1503-2
  • Rolling box mount FS1504
  • Mounting bracket 4pk FS1505-4


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