FLEX Tool Announces Two Cutting-Edge AC/DC Powered Table Saws.

FLEX Tool Launches Cutting Edge Table Saws for Professional Carpenters!

FLEX Tools, a leader in innovative power tool technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its two latest table saws – the 8-1/4'' Compact Table Saw FX 7211-Z and the 10'' Table Saw FX 7221-Z. Designed to cater to the demanding needs of carpentry and framing professionals, these saws blend groundbreaking technology with unmatched performance.

Explore FLEX's new 8-1/4" & 10" Table Saws: Advanced 24V tools for precision carpentry.

Product Overviews

8-1/4'' Compact Table Saw FX 7211-Z

8-1/4" FLEX Table Saw with best rip capacity, rack & pinion system, and LED light for precision cuts in carpentry

Exceptional Features: It offers a best-in-class rip capacity with 20.5-inch blade left clearance and 25-inch blade right clearance. This saw is designed for fast alignment and accurate cuts, thanks to its rack and pinion fence system. It includes an LED working light on the fence for enhanced visibility during cutting operations.

Additional Benefits: The saw is equipped with a side extension table for larger support surfaces, an AC/DC adapter for continuous runtime, and a battery power indicator with an LED display on the front panel.

SKU and Pricing: The FX7211-Z, a bare tool, is priced at $449.99, and the FX7211-1H, a comprehensive kit, is available for $599.99.

10'' Table Saw FX 7221-Z

10" FLEX FX7221-Z Table Saw with CUTSENSE™, industry-best cut capacity, and rack & pinion system for framers

Innovative Technology: This saw is a pioneer as the first cordless 10-inch table saw capable of cutting 4X4 lumber in a single pass. Its advanced CUTSENSE™ technology stops the cut after the material is passed, enhancing runtime and productivity.

Precision and Convenience: Like the 8-1/4'' saw, it features a rack and pinion fence system for precise cuts, an LED working light on the fence, an AC/DC adapter for extended cutting sessions, and a front panel LED battery power indicator.

SKU and Pricing: The FX7221-Z is priced at $549.99 as a bare tool, while the FX7221-1J kit is available for $749.99.

Market Impact and Usage

These table saws from FLEX Tools are not just tools; they are a leap forward in the carpentry and framing industry. The combination of portability, power, and precision these saws offer is unparalleled. They are ideal for professionals who require reliable, high-performance tools that can handle the rigors of heavy-duty work.

The 8-1/4'' Compact Table Saw FX 7211-Z, with its compact design, is perfect for those who need a portable yet powerful solution. On the other hand, the 10'' Table Saw FX 7221-Z, with its ability to handle larger lumber, is a boon for more demanding projects.

Technology and Innovation

Showcase of FLEX's 24V Stacked Lithium batteries highlighting advanced power technology for tools in bold text

The technology incorporated into these saws demonstrates FLEX Tools' commitment to innovation. The CUTSENSE™ technology in the 10'' saw is a notable advancement, offering enhanced safety and efficiency. The use of LED lights for better visibility reflects the brand's attention to detail and user experience.


Moreover, the versatility offered by the AC/DC adapter in both models ensures that professionals can rely on these tools in various work environments, whether they have access to power outlets or not.


FLEX Customer Benefits and Satisfaction

FLEX FOUNDERS' Lifetime Warranty on tools, batteries, and chargers, ensuring quality and trust

FLEX Tools has always focused on customer satisfaction, and these new table saws are no exception. They are designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals in the carpentry and framing sectors. The ergonomic design, ease of use, and safety features of these saws ensure that they not only enhance productivity but also provide a comfortable and safe working experience.

Future Outlook for FLEX Tools

The introduction of the 8-1/4'' Compact Table Saw FX 7211-Z and the 10'' Table Saw FX 7221-Z marks a new era in power tools for carpentry and framing. FLEX Tools continues to redefine industry standards by providing innovative, high-quality, and reliable tools. The launch of these saws is just the beginning of many more pioneering products to come from FLEX Tools, as they continue to empower professionals across the globe.

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